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Azure DevOps self-hosted agent using Packer and VMSS

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You’ve probably encountered situations where a self-hosted agent is necessary, perhaps for security reasons. Azure Container Instances offer a quick and simple way to run these agents, but this method has limitations. For instance, you cannot build Docker images with it. In a production setting, this might not be suitable for all purposes. Additionally, regular cleaning of the agent is required to avoid issues from using the same instance repeatedly. […]

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Azure Container Registry – cost optimization

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Azure Container Registry – cost optimization can be straightforward once you’re familiar with the service’s capabilities. The key is implementing an effective scheduling system to reduce costs associated with storage usage. The solution involves configuring a clean-up task. Ready to learn how to set it up? Let’s dive in! Azure Container Registry – cost optimization – terraform Anticipate a guide on setting up clean-up tasks with a Terraform script. A […]

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Azure Container Apps – service bus [part 6]

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Azure Container Apps – service bus, works together like a perfect couple! Achieving integration is a breeze, and the impact on performance is truly remarkable. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to set up this integration and share the results of my performance tests. Rest assured, all the necessary resources are at your disposal. You can access the entire series on Azure Container Apps right here. If […]

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Azure Container Apps – secrets [part 5]

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Azure Container Apps – secrets, every application typically needs to reference some secrets. To achieve this, I’ll demonstrate how to load secrets into Azure Container Apps using Azure KeyVault. While it’s not currently feasible to do this solely with Terraform due to the absence of a provider for adding secrets from Key Vault, I’ll guide you through the process in this article. You may view all of the series’ about […]

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Azure Container Apps – Creating using Terraform [part 1]

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Azure Container Apps – Creating using Terraform, which used to be challenging. Why? Because a lot of tasks required the usage of the notoriously difficult-to-use AzApi, we recently began to be able to develop Azure Container Apps utilizing only resources from the AzureRM provider. This is wonderful news! All sources are included in this article and are available for download. Enjoy! Let’s begin with the developed architecture: Azure Container Apps […]

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Azure KeyVault – RBAC as a security best practice

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Azure KeyVault – RBAC as a security best practice. For those who are new to this, I hope this essay will guide you in authorizing access to Azure KeyVault. In KeyVault, there are currently two methods for specifying access to the data plane (secrets, certificates, and keys). Please see the table below: Feature Access policy RBAC Grant access to secrets/certificates/keys yes yes Grant access to specific secret/certificate/key no yes Use […]


Efficient terraform modules

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Do you wanna write your own efficient terraform modules? I hope so! Read the article and check out sources on my GitHub, cheers! I hope you enjoyed my previous article in the Network Series, you can find it here! You will get information about created architecture, used Azure services, and what is necessary to set up for terraform execution. In this post, I briefly describe the terraform module’s structure, and […]