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Deploy Azure Function and expose it using API Management

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In this article, you will learn how to deploy Azure Function and expose it using API Management. You find a sample Azure Function and deployment pipeline. The azure function is written in dotnet 7.0 and Azure Function v4. This is the next post in the Network Series, you can find all posts in this series. Just a small recap, in the Network series, I show you how to expose Rest […]

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Rest API with Private Endpoint, exposed to API Management by Terraform

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Welcome to the Networking Series in Azure! Do you want to learn how to create a secure Rest API that is using a Private Endpoint for Azure SQL, KeyVault, Storage Account, and Container Registry exposed using API Management, managed by Terraform and Azure DevOps?  If the answer is yes, this article is for you! As always in my blog, if you need only sources and know what you are doing, […]