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Azure Container Registry – cost optimization

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Azure Container Registry – cost optimization can be straightforward once you’re familiar with the service’s capabilities. The key is implementing an effective scheduling system to reduce costs associated with storage usage. The solution involves configuring a clean-up task. Ready to learn how to set it up? Let’s dive in! Azure Container Registry – cost optimization – terraform Anticipate a guide on setting up clean-up tasks with a Terraform script. A […]

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Build a docker image in a self-hosted agent running on Azure Container Instances

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How can a self-hosted agent running on Azure Container Instances create a docker image? Even while the question may seem simple, it is difficult. Suppose you’ve already set up a self-hosted agent on an Azure Container Instance (ACR); if you’re unsure how to do so, check out my blog right here! You run a pipeline with a simple docker image and … you get the below error: Unable to locate […]


Efficient terraform modules

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Do you wanna write your own efficient terraform modules? I hope so! Read the article and check out sources on my GitHub, cheers! I hope you enjoyed my previous article in the Network Series, you can find it here! You will get information about created architecture, used Azure services, and what is necessary to set up for terraform execution. In this post, I briefly describe the terraform module’s structure, and […]

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Rest API with Private Endpoint, exposed to API Management by Terraform

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Welcome to the Networking Series in Azure! Do you want to learn how to create a secure Rest API that is using a Private Endpoint for Azure SQL, KeyVault, Storage Account, and Container Registry exposed using API Management, managed by Terraform and Azure DevOps?  If the answer is yes, this article is for you! As always in my blog, if you need only sources and know what you are doing, […]

Azure DevOps / Self-hosted agents

Self-hosted agent on Linux created in 3 minutes

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Self-hosted agent on Linux In some cases is necessary, for example, you need to integrate with VNET – because the resources you want to access are not publicly accessible. This can be a storage account, container registry, or many others. Using my instruction you build and run a self-hosted agent in 3 minutes. If you don’t want to read the full problem resolution, you can jump into GitHub for all […]