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Azure DevOps self-hosted agent using Packer and VMSS

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You’ve probably encountered situations where a self-hosted agent is necessary, perhaps for security reasons. Azure Container Instances offer a quick and simple way to run these agents, but this method has limitations. For instance, you cannot build Docker images with it. In a production setting, this might not be suitable for all purposes. Additionally, regular cleaning of the agent is required to avoid issues from using the same instance repeatedly. […]

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Build a docker image in a self-hosted agent running on Azure Container Instances

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How can a self-hosted agent running on Azure Container Instances create a docker image? Even while the question may seem simple, it is difficult. Suppose you’ve already set up a self-hosted agent on an Azure Container Instance (ACR); if you’re unsure how to do so, check out my blog right here! You run a pipeline with a simple docker image and … you get the below error: Unable to locate […]

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Self-hosted agent on Linux created in 3 minutes

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Self-hosted agent on Linux In some cases is necessary, for example, you need to integrate with VNET – because the resources you want to access are not publicly accessible. This can be a storage account, container registry, or many others. Using my instruction you build and run a self-hosted agent in 3 minutes. If you don’t want to read the full problem resolution, you can jump into GitHub for all […]